Libby’s Spicy Seasoned Beef Crumbles

Spicy Beef

I don’t eat beef, yet here I am reviewing a beef product I happened along in a grocery store. Call it curiosity, if you will. If you have seen me putting together my meat eating husband’s kit for a week long backpack (with out me, mind you), you might call it more self preservation. Options are important and when he requested non-cooked lunches, I was a little stumped. Cold lunches aren’t my favorite, unless it’s a cold turkey sandwich.

I came across these packets of beefiness in the local Walmart. The interesting part was that I came across the Rosita’s brand first in the Mexican Food aisle. Oh! Hey! At only 6oz, I thought this would be a way for him to have tacos mid day without bringing out the cook pot to rehydrate the black/refried bean mix that I always use. So, I put it in the basket. I head over to the canned meat aisle and lo, and behold, here is the EXACT same thing by Libby’s, but $.17 cheaper at $1.71 a packet. And by EXACT, I mean only the name of the brand and the price had changed. Same processor, same address, same ingredients, same nutritional values.

I was liking the ingredients and the weight wasn’t bad, if it was for a day hike or eaten fairly early in a long backpack. I was worried that 6 ounces might be a bit much for one sitting, but he was happy to prove me wrong. I warmed it up simply by tearing off the top and placing it in the cook pot that I had boiled water in for my beans. I left enough water in the bottom to maintain temperature and generate some steam and set it aside with the lid on. No wasting fuel and while it wasn’t hot, it did make it warm enough to be more enjoyable.


It did come out looking like kibble and I used a half a pouch for each burrito. It didn’t smell bad and I admit to popping a tiny bit in my mouth to check the spices. It’s not as spicy as the package makes it sound. I would pack some taco sauce packets with you.


We had gone up to Lake Angeles in the Olympics on a day hike, so I felt justified for bringing an avocado and fresh veggies with me to round out the flavors. The verdict from the beef eating half of the group? It’s a keeper. I win with having more options for his non-cooked lunches and he wins, well, because he has me.


Your Thoughts?

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