About the Author

I was born and raised on the Olympic Peninsula in an era that was seeing resurgence of interest in the homesteading arts. I’m sure, back in my grandparent’s and great grandparent’s day, it wasn’t called that; it was just survival. I had a classic case of failure to thrive among other health issues when I was born which is pertinent here because it still weighs on my decisions in choices of food,  activity levels, and everyday living.  Both these influences have played a big part of whom I am and where I am at in my life.

I spent my formable years growing up on a small farm and working on larger farms. Canning, animal husbandry, and all the skills needed were developed organically; by doing over and over and over. I missed several years of public school, grades 5-9, but gained an education solid in basic genetics ideals, biology, and domestic skills.  The latter was snuck in with the canning, hidden in learning spinning, knitting, and the necessity of living with prolonged power outages.  Being inside was not a strong point of mine.

Hiking the backwoods started young as I had the best friends in my imagination and found them in my solitude within the trees. I read books on herbs and plants and learned what I could eat and what to stay away from so I could spend more of my free time outdoors. To this day, it amazes me I never got lost nor poisoned myself.

After heading off to college in the city, I truly pined for the woods and solitude.  I took up backpacking as a way to regain my sanity and a sense of peace.   This enabled me to go back home among the trees.  I spent many weekends on the Peninsula and finally, in 2007, moved back.  I have yet to find a piece of turf to call my own, but the process of doing so is often playing out in my head and is also a key to the decisions I make. In the mean time, I am home, and that’s all that matters.

About The Valkyries Notebook

The Valkryies Notebook came about as I was looking for an avenue to express my desire to inform and educate others. I was constantly looking for new foods to try and while it may not work for me, it may work for someone else and being able to pass that information on in a public forum struck me as productive. Oh, and I love being productive. It soothes my practical little heart to not just spend money on trying something new to satisfy my curiosity, but to be able to pass my findings on and save someone else some time and money.

So, that journey has started. Thank you for reading!

At Cameron Pass

At Cameron Pass


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