Pocket Shots Review

Vodka Pocket Shot

Vodka Pocket Shot


Recently my friend Carol and I were in the small township of Darrington, Washington dropping off our husbands at the Suiattle trailhead so they could jump back on the PCT. It may be generous calling it a town, but it is the closest thing to it and it does have an IGS grocery store. Hoosierdaddy, Carol’s husband, got all excited because he had spotted these single serve pouches of alcohol called Pocket Shots.  The store carried Tequila, Whiskey, and Vodka and was selling them at $1.99 a piece.  I could see why he was excited and quickly followed him back in the store to go check it out. Here was my answer to what I was going to take on my road trip with my daughter to Yellowstone.  I’m sure that wasn’t foremost in Hoosierdaddy’s thoughts as he scooped up several of the tequila and whiskey pouches for his backpacking trip, but I went straight for the triple distilled vodka.

The data I found on these is located on their website http://pocketshot.com/about-us.php , which is obviously marketed towards a young, male demographic, not that I blame them. There isn’t a whole lot of liquor companies marketing towards a sports oriented female crowd, but we are here.  Once I waded thru the half naked, young (I’m sure they are intelligent and quite nice) ladies to find my information, it turns out they are based out of San Jose, California and that these have been around since 2000. Where have I been? Apparently not in Darrington, which is the only place in Washington State I have found these.  The Pocket Shots come in several types, Whiskey, Tequila, Rum, Spiced Rum, Gin, Brandy and Vodka. This makes it easy to create several different types of drinks on the trail without having to carry the extra weight of a flask for each.

So, what did I do with my Pocket Shot of Vodka? I went for flavor and weight, even though weight wasn’t an issue car camping.  I wanted to see if these had a future in my backpacking and that meant testing appropriately.

Pocket Shot Gimlet

Pocket Shot Gimlet


Two packets of sugar, a packet of liquid lemon juice and one Pocket Shot of vodka created a gimlet of sorts.  It took a little stirring to get the sugar to dissolve, but the bottom line? I liked it and would definitely carry it, if we had some here I could buy at our local store.  I can see grabbing a few to keep on hand to take out on an overnight or to be able to add variety.  Normally I carry a collapsible flask of whiskey, if I feel the need, but being able to add a gimlet at the end of a particularly hot, grueling day in the woods would be oh, so nice.


Old Faithful

Old Faithful










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